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There has never been a better time to become involved with the Made Too Go organisation at any of its three speedway venues as a corporate sponsorship partner for the upcoming exciting 2019-2020 season.

There are wonderful sponsorship packages available to suit all structures/budgets, affording maximum exposure across widespread areas involving all electronic media outlets including social media, mainstream media, print media and on-track coverage that will clearly get your company “out there.”

Sponsorship packages are now available for next season at any of the three tracks operated by Made Too Go: Sydney's Valvoline Raceway, Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway and Murray Machining and Sheds Murray Bridge Speedway.

“We have just released next season's very comprehensive calendar for our venues and we can provide our clients with various promotions and event sponsorship packages that will not only be value for money throughout the season, but also the opportunity to take advantage of our massive naming right event sponsorship exposure. This features our promotional roll out policy that is part and parcel of our agreements with companies involved with us,” Valvoline Raceway principal Felicity Waldron said.

Statistics from last season clearly show the high number of publicity avenues utilised by Made Too Go to capture the attention of the public, promoting its speedway venues, and the spin off is evident for any company or corporation seeking to be a part of the action next season.

The statistics are very impressive.

VALVOLINE RACEWAY: Over 68,000 Facebook followers with a daily reach averaging 32,000 per day which also represents a 5.7% increase from last season.

MURRAY MACHINING AND SHEDS MURRAY BRIDGE SPEEDWAY: There are 18,000 Facebook regulars with a exposure of 7,653 (12.4% increase from the 2018-19 season).

HI-TEC OILS TOOWOOMBA SPEEDWAY: Over 16,000 on Facebook averaging 7, 500 per day.

Combining the three venues averages statistics clearly reveal over 100,000 viewers.

Also the very popular and well patronised Clay-Per-View TV live coverage offers a wealth of potential opportunities to get your company name on the public stage. There were over 60,000 viewers last season across the three tracks. The potential for advertisers on the Big Screen featuring three track coverage opens the door to a potentially huge market place for a national company planning on being in the right place at the right time with an enterprising business initiative.

Promotion of next season already has started following the exciting news The Ultimate Speedway Nationals and the Ultimate Sydney Speedweek will be promoted and advertised in the USA and that means access to a worldwide audience in several media platforms at this year's Knoxville Nationals.

For sponsors interested in coming onboard with this exciting promotion, they would have to get in early, before 27th July to have their logos and name included in all the media releases and promotions.  Some of the advertising featured is as follows:
Sydney Speedway will be promoting the sponsor and Ultimate Speedway Nationals as well as Speedweek across the eight nights of racing at the Knoxville Nationals including the Capitani Classic and the 360 Nationals. Valvoline Raceway will certainly be thrust into the face of the American speedway community in coming weeks like never before.

For naming rights of the Ultimate Speedway Nationals, a company will receive exposure for the following activities:

Naming rights will include your brand associated all promotional materials and media overseas as well as the media campaign in Australia starting in December, 2019.  It would be known as Company XXX’s Ultimate Speedway Nationals.  Our advertising campaign in the USA will include:

- Full page colour ad in the Knoxville Sprintcar Nationals programme.

- There's also 30-second TVC to air during Knoxville’s 360 Nationals, 410 Nationals, Cappy Classic on a digital screen at the track, on the worldwide DIRTVision PPV and on Knoxville Raceway’s social media.

- Our event will be promoted on the social media program, called “The Road to Knoxville”

- Interviews with our Valvoline commentators on MRN Winged Nation on one night during the Knoxville Nationals

-    Interview on the PA system during the Capitani (Cappy) Classic and one night of the Knoxville Nationals.

- The Valvoline Raceway logo will appear on the Knoxville Big Screen on rotation throughout the remainder of Knoxville Raceway season. There will be lots of exposure as the Gold Sponsor for this event with your brand associated with all scheduled advertising.

Other 2019-2020 season sponsorship packages available:
Ultimate Speedway Challenge - a 7 round series across our three tracks where drivers have the opportunity to compete in three categories at each event for a giant prize purse.  The categories are Sprintcars, Speedcars & Late Models.  This will be the 2nd year for this series and interest is growing.  Last season there were several drivers who compete in two categories, while Robbie Farr who competed in three last season.  It is an exciting concept that continues to grow. This series gives you exposure across three different states, an great opportunity for national companies.
Dates are:  12th October 2019 (TOOW), 19th Oct (SYDNEY), 9th Nov (MURRAY BRIDGE), 16th Nov (SYDNEY), 14th Dec (SYDNEY), 8th Feb 2020 (MURRAY BRIDGE) AND 28th March 2020 (TOOWOOBA)
- Ultimate Sydney Speedweek – there are six major events starting on 26th December 2019 to 11th January, 2020 at Valvoline Raceway in Parramatta, NSW.   There is a 6 round series for Sprintcars, a 3 round series for both Speedcars and Late Models. Great prize money but also great prizes for series winners are up for grabs.  There is a lot of buzz already from the USA drivers. in order to be able to compete in major events without the travel costs will be a big enticement for the interstate and overseas competitors.  A massive exposure over 6 events to international, interstate and NSW teams, avid fans will return night after night and this gives businesses lots of exposure to loyal fans and Race teams.
- Ultimate Speedway Nationals – After the 10th and final year of the Scott Darley Challenge, Valvoline Raceway has announced an exciting new Sprintcar and Late Model event as a new era dawns.  The newly branded Ultimate Speedway Nationals represents a wonderful pathway into the future, meaning that the third week in January, 2020 will continue to play a major part of the annual international Sprintcar fixtures during the holiday period.  It will offer one of the biggest prize purses for a Sprintcar and Late Model two-night spectacular that will attract some of the best American and Australian teams and drivers plus over 60 Australian Sprintcar drivers, the Ultimate Speedway Nationals already has teams on both sides of the globe buzzing, 17th/18th January 2020. It will be a wonderful presentation and opportunity to be associated with the biggest event on our calendar. There's also the added emphasis as this is the first year of this event and it will be something special!! And this event will occur every year at the same time during the holiday season.

The following sponsorship packages are also available:  
- Naming Rights of the Major Events– The sponsor will receive brand presence for all advertising associated with this event, i.e., radio, digital advertising and social media plus TV for selected events. They will receive full page advertising space in printed programme, plus Big Screen advertising with 30 TVC ads throughout their sponsored event. (Sponsors need to provide artwork for their program ad and TVCs 1 week prior to the event). Their logo will appear in the racing format of the printed race programme plus PA announcements throughout the night.  As the major sponsor, there will be adequate airtime and exposure on Clay-Per-View with the event live streamed across Australia and the world.

- 30 second TVCs Advertisements on the Big Screen at Valvoline Raceway  for the season for one track or all three tracks ( Great opportunity for national companies).  All advertising for major events on the Big Screen is live streamed across Australia, NZ and USA to our Clay-Per-View online viewers. (Sponsor to provide TVCs) with over 60,000 viewers per Season.

- Permanent full page advertisement in printed program for the season or for a single major event. And this can be for one track or all three.

- Tiered Sponsorship for our three major series/events - USC Challenge (The Ultimate Speedway Challenge, which has seven rounds of events - three in Sydney, two in Toowoomba and two in Murray Bridge) plus The Ultimate Sydney Speedweek and the Ultimate Speedway Nationals. 

- Signage around the Track – there are many options – from infield front/back straight sign branding from six metres, to 2.4 m -  3.2m banners/ signs around the public areas to massive pit bridge signage of 9 metres and signage on the control towers to lap boards.

- Catered Corporate Boxes – this is an opportunity for businesses to entertain their clientele or staff in the comfort of an air-conditioned corporate suite.  The Corporate Suite caters for up to 10 people and includes pit passes (must be 16 years and over).

- Company Logo Pit Pass Wrist Bands – you can have your logo on the wristbands for an event. For all pit area entry, fans will have your logo on their wrist for an event (minimum purchase is for 4 events).

- Press Releases and Social media – For all naming rights of events, there is a press release detailing the support and sponsorship a particular company has taken up. With 68,000 followers on Facebook and over 30,000 engagements per day for Valvoline Raceway alone this represents a very attractive option.

To take advantage of all these wonderful advertising proposals and options, to discuss specific sponsorship price structure – or for all other corporate enquiries – it's no more than a phone call or email away. Call Karen on 0447 155 021 or email or alternatively phone Valvoline Raceway Office on(02) 9637-0411 or to come on board for what promises to be a fabulous season of professional speedway racing at all three Made Too Go tracks.

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